New Hall Vineyards
Producers of Fine English Wines Since 1969


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The New Hall Vineyards 
Guided Tours & Wine Tasting

Special Guided Tours for Groups, Club or Coach Parties for 10-30 people between May and August. The tours last between 2 - 3 hours, with lots of information, a generous wine tasting and appetisers to accompany the wines. A visit to New Hall makes for a great experience not to be missed.

1. Explore the mysteries and art of tasting wine in competitions
2. Pick up a few secrets, tips and tricks of wine making on a larger scale
3. See the equipment and processes the grapes go through to become wine.
4. Take a short informative walk along the Vineyard Trail amongst the vines.

5. Learn the History of English Vineyards & how they once thrived & see the techniques on successfully growing vines in England nowadays.
6. Watch a video on the growing year in an English Vineyard. 
8. Tour through the Winery, Bottling Area, The Press House & Fermentation Room, where over 200,000 bottles can be produced each year.

9. Look around the Cellar/Shop under the 16th Century Farm House.
10. Learn a little of the skills that cellar masters know, on storing wines.
11. Enjoy a relaxed wine tasting of at least 4 different New Hall English wines.


Please contact Lucy directly to arrange your tour.

We are always happy to tailor-make the experience specifically for your group. / 07792149354



12.50 per person including appetisers


Saturday 10th September 2016  2.30pm - 5pm