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June 2015 Edition 54

It’s been a very busy month here at New Hall. The sounds of giro-palettes turning, glass bottles clinking on our bottling line, winery equipment whirring and sparkling wine being disgorged has filled the air for weeks. We have now finished bottling wines from the 2014 harvest, and we’re ready to focus on work within the vineyard.

     We’ve had many reasons to celebrate over the past few weeks. Our 2013 Bacchus Reserve won the Silver Medal at the International Sommelier Awards in London, as selected by a panel of Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers. 25% of all Bacchus in the UK is grown here at New Hall. Bacchus is perfectly suited to our cool climate and clay loam soils, which allows delicate, Muscat and slightly spicy aromas to develop throughout the growing season. In a recent blind tasting at Flint Vineyard in Norfolk, 85% of tasters preferred New Hall Bacchus over New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. So next time you fancy a bottle of chilled, delicious white wine, try our Bacchus.

     Closer to home, we have been awarded 13 Medals for our wines at the East Anglian Wine Awards.  Medals were presented during a sunny lunch at West Street Vineyard, where we enjoyed mingling with other vignerons from 40 East Anglian vineyards and wineries.  After being treated to a wide selection of regional wines at the event, there’s no doubt that East Anglia produces some of the finest floral, aromatic and fruity wines in the UK, particularly wines made from the Bacchus grape..


April 2016: We will send to all current OYOV Lease Holders an
Invitation To Renew their lease for the 2016 harvest.

May 2016: We will send to all people on the waiting list an
Invitations to Order a row of vines for the 2016 harvest.

Wine Collection and Special Tasting Weekend on the 14th & 15th May 2016

September 2016: The 45th Annual English Wine Festival and Open Day at New Hall
Vineyards is on The 3rd & 4th Sept. 2016